BETTY 0502369568 Massage & Stress Relief Station in Abu Dhabi City

BETTY 0502369568 
Massage & Stress Relief Station in Abu Dhabi City

Enjoy the joy of massage : Health is Wealth ! 

Massage it's a therapy for your MIND - BODY - SOUL. It Lowers Stress, Improves blood circulation, reduces joint pains etc. 

Betty's Massage -  Men's Special - 

Treat yourself to a 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage and an essential Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial. 
Feel reinvigorated in no time at all !

Come & Enjoy what U have been missing, 

  • Pampered Massage Customized Per Your Wishes

  • Certified Young & Fair Therapists

  • Private Rooms & Shower

  • Cleanliness & Care

  • Soft Musics

  • Home & Hotel Services 

The act of massage or any form of touch treatments triggers secretion of natural anti-depressant called Serotonin. You can feel this immediately after a therapy session,you're calmer, more focused and suffice to say happier. 

Call Betty : 0502369568 for appointments.


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